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Fact Sheet
Developer: Scary Robot Prod. Inc. Based in Las Vegas, NV Release date: Mobile: March 29, 2019 PC/Mac: Late-April, 2019 Platforms: iOS Android Steam - PC and Mac Website: Press / Business contact: Social: Youtube Facebook Twitter Discord
“Volley Village” eloquently blends the gameplay of “Angry Birds” and “Battleship” into a tense, online, realtime arcade game that pits players together with dueling islands. Players race to annihilate their opponent’s island before they can do the same.
Scary Robot Productions was founded in 2010 by Hollywood Animator, Dustin Adair. He started with nights and weekend game development while animating such high profile characters as Cylons, Terminators and Transformers which is what gave birth to the company name: Scary Robot. The first game, “Poker With Bob” was released at the end of 2010 and quickly sprang into a partnership with a legendary casino company based in Las Vegas. Since then, the company has released 5 additional game titles which have garnered a combined total of over 6 million downloads.
Intense, online, realtime, multiplayer arcade action. Local one and two player offline play. A level editor that allows the user to customize their island. Unlock new villagers and launchers to help you defeat your enemies. Win character icons to help you personalize your gaming experience. With online matches, challenge your friends or choose random opponents.
The main menu helps you get into the action or customize your gameplay. In game power ups, like fog, can give players a quick advantage. Unlock additional villagers to help you on your way to victory. Unlock new launchers to personalize your gameplay and win more coins. Customize your island with the level editor to set up the perfect building layout. Play online matches with friends or against random opponents. Choose your favorite villager to offer some pre game taunting. Play online against a friend or a random opponent. Two players can do battle on the same screen in a 2 player local game. Unlock new icons to further customize your gameplay.
Copyright Scary Robot Productions Inc. 2010-2019. All Rights Reserved.
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Discover who will be the last island floating?!? Prepare for battle in this real time arcade action game that offers online cross-platform multiplay along with local play. Take out your opponent’s buildings and then their launcher to score a victory. But be fast and accurate before they do the same to you! Send your villagers to repair damaged buildings but hold some back to keep your launcher loaded. Also watch out for power ups which can give you a quick boost and help you defeat your enemy!
Game play for all ages. Fun for the whole family.
Intuitive controls will get you into the action right away.
Use the level editor to customize your island.
Unlock new villagers and launchers.
Play online cross-platform matches against friends or in random matches against similarly ranked opponents.
Score ingame power ups to briefly speed up your villagers, cover your island in fog or put your opponents to sleep.